Research at Ashfields Primary Care Centre

Research is at the heart of the NHS and Ashfields Primary Care Centre is an active part of this commitment.
We are proud to have been involved in over 70 Research Studies.
We work closely with Kiltearn Medical Centre and have a designated Research Team.
We work as part of the National Institute for Health and Research which is an NHS body and have been actively recruiting for academic, non-commercial, and commercial studies for over ten years.
The studies we take part in are ethically approved and help to improve treatments, management and understanding of many medical conditions. Some of these studies enable licences for new therapies to be approved and get drugs to market for certain patient groups.
We endeavour to provide access to research for all our patients and to improve health care as a result. Being invited to take part in a study can come in many ways, perhaps directly from your GP or via a newspaper or social media advert or from a poster displayed in the surgery. Participation helps expand medical knowledge, understanding and therapies for medical conditions. Our team are fully trained in GCP (Good Clinical Practice guidance) with patient safety being at the heart of what we do.
Our research team also works closely with neighbouring practices to spread research accessibility across our Primary Care Networks.
We are also an RCGP Research and Surveillance Centre, we contribute to pseudo anonymised data for national research and surveillance. This data enables continuous monitoring of infections and disease in the community and is the main source of information for Public Health England and helps
in the planning for the management of flu outbreaks and pandemics.
We are taking part in the PRINCIPLE trial linked to the COVID-19 outbreak. This study utilises both our RCGP activity and NIHR involvement.

Useful Information and links

To find out about the work of the NIHR Clinical Research Network go to:
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If you want to find out about other research studies taking place close to where you live, visit the UK Clinical Trials Gateway and enter your postkcode:

Join a free 4 week on-line course to learn more about research:

For more information about how your information may be used in research and your rights please visit:
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December 2019

“All of the team have been a pleasure to work with. They have been unfailingly helpful and always very cheerful and positive in their work on the study”

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